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  • Technology

    Ancient glass technology (evidence of it can be found approx. 400 years B.C. among Egyptians, Phoenicians and Persians), which experienced its comeback in the 20th century after long centuries of oblivion. Czech artists S. Libenský and J. Brychtová, which belong to the founders of the studio in Pelechov, rank among the most important “re-discoverers” of this method. Mold melted glass sculpture is made as a sculpture from a drawing and design through modelling of the production of a mold, which is filled with glass shreds. Melting and following slow annealing of glass can last for several weeks. It is followed with surface treatment with acid and possible grinding and polishing of glass.

    Basic technologies and services

    • Model production (plaster, wax, polyuretan, clay)
    • Plaster mould production
    • Melting and annealing
    • Grinding and basic cutting
    • Hand cutting and polishing to high gloss
    • Sandblasting
    • Acid polishing
    • Painting on glass
    • Slumping
    • Fusing
    • 110 types of glass colours and possibility of production of a special colour from 150 kg

    Architectural Art Glass Projects

    Project consisting of several pieces and project for architecture – development of more complicated projects includes the interconnection of various crafts, conditions and factors:

    • Mastering know-how of the production of big-size pieces and their installation
    • Thorough project preparation on the basis of realization documentation
    • Project and design works
    • Knowledge of safety risks (static, strength issues)
    • Knowledge of all details and functionality (purpose) of the product
    • Modelling, forming, stucco works, casting, grinding and polishing, gluing, special packing, metal works, welding, model making, etc.

    Vitrucell Technology

    VITRUCELLs honeycomb scructure allows the interplay of shapes and light to successfully show the contrasting qualities amid the solid and the translucent. VITRUCELL represents a new method of glass casting that integrates traditional processes and modern technologies in order to satissfy, not only design and architectural projects, but also artistic proposals, since it complies with all safety parameters and offers a huge range of aesthetic possibilities.

     Additional Services

    • Packing for export in wooden boxes
    • International shippments
    • Customs procedures in CZ and abroad
    • Profesionaly equiped photo studio


    Upon request and after a prior agreement on the conditions, we provide an Accredited Test Certificate, which guarantees the conditions of inner stress within the glass.