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  • Brian T. Usher

    1963 / USA

    Spojené státy americké


    1 confessions-of-a-particular-place2 DSC033083 dsc6601_4 some confessions are heavier than others5 some confessions are heavier than others6 some confessions are heavier than others7 former shadow of myself front8 former shadow of myself front9 former shadow of myself front10 former shadow of myself front1112131415 red columns detailamber oval 1amber oval 2amber oval 3DSC00159 1DSC00159 2DSC00159 3Inevitability 4Inevitability 5Inevitability 6Inevitability 7Inevitability 8Inevitability 9Inevitability of Agnus 1Inevitability of Agnus 2Inevitability of Agnus 3one way or another front