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Client: Roman Catholic parish by the church of St. Filipa a Jakuba

Authors: Ing.arch. Jakub Žiška, Ing.arch. Pavel Šmelhaus

Project and static assessment: Ing. Miroslav Špaček, HABENA spol.s.r.o.

Realization: Lhotský s.r.o., OGB s.r.o., Design for All s.r.o.

Place: Church of Christ the Savior/Prague

A dominant feature of the newly built church’s interior, the 5.5-meter tall glass cross weighing more than a metric ton nevertheless makes a light impression.

Made of tempered and layered glass, it is unique in terms of not only size but also structural and safety considerations.

Studio Lhotský also realized another work in the church – an eternal light. Located in the church’s sacristy, it is made of cast glass with a light inside.